Pencil Vending Machine

Pencil Vending Machines

Pencil Vending Machine

With a Pencil Vending Machine you are in business to make big profits at your school store, event, or education center. The vending machine is 100% manually operated which means there are no electrical parts, and it is built to withstand heavy use. Place your custom pencils in the top and you are ready to dispense pencils.

Pencil Vending Machines which accept quarters. These machines without stands sell in the $200-$400 range elswhere. Great item to add to your vending business or to use as an in school fundraiser.

Note: These pencil vending machines work great at testing centers, it is an easy way to provide pencils at a low cost and keep the test takers prepared.

Vending Business

Here are 5 tips for starting or running your own vending business.

1. Finding the right location. This is hard but important, keep track of all sales so you know which machines are performing and what items are selling.

2. Stock goods that can be purchased directly. The lower the cost of your products, the higher profit.

3. Start small. To get a taste of the business, only start with a few machines.

4. Reputed manufacturers. These machines will take a beating so it is important to use a company that makes relaible machines.

5. Start with used machines. You can find them locally or online, this will give you a lower start up cost.

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